Lori Lamkin, Microsoft’s Director of PM on Shifting to Azure DevOps (Podcast)


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In this episode, Jeffrey speaks with Lori Lamkin, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management. She has been leading the Visual Studio Team Services program management since the conception of Team Foundation Server in 2002 that’s 16 years in the space of better shipping software using Microsoft technologies! She led the transition of the team to Agile methodologies, to open source reuse, to Cloud services, and Azure.


Lori and Jeffrey discuss what’s next for Lori in and of her role as Director of PM, her strategy behind leading the big shift from VSTS to Azure DevOps, the current roles and duties within Microsoft Azure DevOps, what she sees as the biggest shift in progressing from Agile and adopting DevOps, and how DevOps has become more and more efficient.


Listen to the Azure DevOps Podcast with Lori Lamkin


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