Looking to get real-time insights and prediction from Azure DevOps backlog

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My Azure DevOps backlog (work items) includes bugs reported by customers as well as internal teams. We also record actionable RCAs which includes the reason, which component/part the issue is raised, which customer, which version, rejected issues and reasons, etc.

While extracting the data to excel and manual analyze, we can see some patterns on area, customer, versions, etc. It gives some insights such some specific customers using specific features raising more issues, they have to update the version, they have to give early feedback, etc.

What I am looking for are, some tools/AI solution to give us these predictions such as:

"Your current backlog shows you are working on xxx feature. This may result in <<xx>> issues with the <<yy>> customer."

Are there any tool already exist?

If not, what is the approach to build one, which has to run behind the scenes and give these insights?

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