Logic App Update File Properties throws an exception after a SPO file successful checkout

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Firstly, the Update File Properties  in the action sequence has been working pefectly  until we introduced mandatory checkouts in the  sharePont document library.


Delay (10s) and Get file properties I added to day for debugging purposes.


check out failure.png


No the strange thing is I manully check in the document and trigger the Logic App. 

The logic app successfully checks out the document. Here is the output




headers": {
        "X-SharePointHealthScore": "2",
        "X-MS-SPConnector": "1",
        "X-SP-SERVERSTATE": "ReadOnly=0",
        "DATASERVICEVERSION": "3.0",




However, the Update fails with this odd error: 




 "body": {
        "status": 400,
        "message": "The file \"\" is checked out for editing by i:0#.f|membership|Daniel.....




It is complaining that I have checked out file; which I had to do in the previous acton!!!!!!  The document is not open in any browser tab or desktop. Also, I have set up the all the connections under the same account.



check out failure and more weirdness.png

I wonder if Power Automate is any better :unamused:?

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Hmmmmmmm,  the answer is obvious ( just not to me :facepalm:).


Both Update Item and Check out actions need to reference the same connection  in order facilite and orderly deployment between enviroments ( and not to appear as two different users) . You can make the required changes in  UI or in the code view ( see below(.



 "type": "ApiConnection",
                    "inputs": {
                      "host": {
                        "connection": {
                          "name": "@parameters('$connections')['sharepointonline']['connectionId']"