Logic app file transfer limit

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We are using Logic App for transferring files from SFTP location to Azure Data Lake store. Absorbed that the SFTP connector is not transferring the file that are more 30MB.

Are there any limitation in the connector?


Also there is no log available regarding the file size.



K Senthilrajan 

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Hi Senthilrajan!


According to a MSFT response in the comment section at this page, the limit for this connection is 100MB. Look for the Message Size limit at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/logic-apps/logic-apps-limits-and-config


It's over a half year old, so thing may have changed, but normally that would be in the other direction, not reducing the size limit.


You should have a log/error message in the Run history of the Logic App. What error message are you getting?




I gone through the same article, agree with you that Microsoft should increase the file size limit to upper side as the article was a bit old.  But in reality it is not.


The wonder part is there is no error logged. Getting more confused where the problem is.


Are there any configuration available in Azure for setting up the file size transfer limit?