Local network sharing broken after switching accounts to Azure AD

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We recently switching our Windows 10 computers for our small business (4 people) to use Azure AD for account. We use none of the "power" features of Azure, and the only reason we're using it is for account sign-in reasons (had some issues with Windows passwords being forgotten). However, switching to Azure AD accounts seems to have partially broken file sharing over the local network.


Anyone signed into account A can access shared folders just fine, but for some reason anyone signed into account B, regardless of the computer, cannot access anything over the local network (to be more specific, anything over the local network signed into a different Azure AD account). The network computers appear in file explorer, but clicking on any of them gives the message "Windows cannot access \\computername".


I've tried adjusting sharing settings to no avail, but because I'm pretty sure the issue is the account because of (1) the message I'm receiving when clicking on any computer in file explorer and (2) no matter which computer I sign into account B on, sharing breaks. Both of the accounts have the same tier subscription to Microsoft 365, and as far as I can tell they've been set up identically.


Are there some sort of permissions somewhere I can set that control local network sharing on Azure AD accounts?

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Are all computers joined to Azure AD? If account A a Global Admin perhaps? Can you check the local admin groups on the computers to see if any AzureAD\xxxx account are added or not?