Load Balancer for Multi region VM's

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how to configure a LB for different region VM's!

for example : if we have a VM in East US another in West US can we configure a LB using traffic manager.
could you please provide me a good explanation.

workloads must be in same AV set and RG.

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You can  use a cross region load balancer to be able to do that .Cross-region load balancer is currently in preview. This preview version is provided without a service level agreement, and it's not recommended for production workloads. Also  CRLB operate at a Layer 4. You can see the decision tree and the load balancing options in attachments . 
Traffic manager is a dns based load balancer so it will locate the client and redirect him to the closer endpoint . 


Another solution can  Azure Front Door  if you have security requirements ( TLS  Web Application Protection ...)

Front Door works at Layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS layer) using anycast protocol with split TCP and Microsoft's global network to improve global connectivity. Based on your routing method you can ensure that Front Door will route your client requests to the fastest and most available application backend. An application backend is any Internet-facing service hosted inside or outside of Azure.

Azure Front Door | Microsoft Docs