Load Balancer backend pool with VMs with different weight

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Hello Team,


I would like to use a backend pool with Load balancer - that backend pool should have two VMs, but with different weight (for example 1:10). Can not find that option anywhere (it looks like its existing only for DNS Balancers/Traffic Managers). Could you please confirm ?




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Hi Michal!

AFAIK Weighted round robin isn’t available for Azure Load Balancer.

Have you checked Azure Marketplace?
I know that for instance KEMP has support for that kind of features.


Hi Anders,


Thank you for the suggestion. There are multiple load balancers supporting weight round robin. I would choose Citrix probably. I wanted to keep my design as simple as possible and use native Azure solutions. But it looks like those Azure loadbalancers (all 3 types) are too simple and i would have to buy specialised solution.