Live from LA: Microsoft at Open Source Summit North America

Community Manager

Today, members of the Microsoft team are at Open Source Summit North America, where attendees will learn more about our open source journey from a keynote, sessions, our booth and much more. It has been a big year for Microsoft’s open source journey, from the technology we’ve delivered, to how we work with the community, to our continued cultural shift.


We’ve joined the Linux Foundation, the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. New Linux VMs have outpaced Windows VMs on Azure. Visual Studio Code, our open source editor, passed 2 million monthly active users. We’ve brought new tools and services – like MySQL and Postgres managed services – to Azure, and we’ve continued to work to bring flagship products like SQL Server to Linux so it’s easier for developers to take advantage of these technologies for their cloud applications.


Read about it in the Azure blog

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