List all security groups that has permission to a repo



I am trying to list all the security groups which has permissions to a specific Azure repo. I've tried 'az devops security group show' but it takes and --id param which will list a specific group. and an 'az devops security group list' just does a bulk list of groups. 
Another way I tried was to list permissions using 'az devops security permissions list' which does give a list of Acesdictionary, but I am not sure what to provide as --subject param to fetch my repo permissions.

I basically want to delete security groups from a repo permission page as follows using az cli or Rest API:


A DELETE Rest API call will look something like this:

DELETE{org}/_apis/AccessControlEntries/{security namespace id}?token=repoV2/{org-id}... ID}/&descriptors=Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Identity%3BS-1-9-1551374245-1240105142-2492924492-2974542290-2896685197-1-2687439529-1400077391-3074014501-2630831105 HTTP/1.1


Let me know how can I list all "descriptors" in the above HTTP call relating to my repo permissions groups.



Geetika Jain

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