Licensing required to offer a remote application (only) through WVD

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I have a licensing related question to scope out a project for costs.  I hope someone can answer for me please.


If I was to setup WVD on Azure using Windows 2019 servers, what kind of additional licensing would I need to purchase if I was to publish a remote application on those servers for my customers?  They are not logging into the desktop(s).  They are going to be using the remote app feature of windows to run my applications remotely.


Thank you much for a fast answer.  I have a meeting soon!



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Hello @BarryBahrami,


Access desktops powered by Windows Server Remote Desktop Services desktops and apps at no additional cost if you are an eligible Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Client Access License (CAL) customer.


You are eligible to access Windows Server 2012 R2 and newer desktops and apps if you have a per-user or per-device RDS CAL licence with active Software Assurance (SA).


For the Windows Server there are two options:

  • License with the subscription within Azure (pay as you go, most expensive option)
  • Use Azure Hybrid Benefits for Windows Server Core Licenses covered with Software Assurance and save on Azure costs

Besides the above, with the use of Windows Server an organization will also have to license Remote Desktop Services. This can be done in multiple ways:

  • Users licensed with Windows Server RDS User CALs covered with Software Assurance
  • RDS User Subscription Licenses through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program
  • Devices licensed with Windows Server RDS Device CALs covered with Software Assurance

Besides the right to access the virtual Windows Server on Azure, any use of Office applications on the virtual desktop have to be licensed via a qualifying Office 365 subscription or Office Professional Plus or Office Standard license with network use rights.