KB 4056895 does not appear on Windows Update on target server 2012

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Question about Windows Update for Azure virtual machine.

We are approving with WSUS, but the security patch is not displayed on Windows UPDATE of the server.

Target security patch: KB 4056895 (Monthly rollup of 2018/1)
※ Monthly rollup until 2017/12 has been covered (KB 4054519 etc.)

Target server: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
* On other 2012 servers, KB 4056895 was displayed in the subject of Windows Update.

Endpoint: Symantec Endpoint Protection (version 12)

It did not become a target even if "Checking updates from Windows Update" online.

I also checked "This patch only applies to computers that have anti-virus ISV updated ALLOW REGKEY because there are issues affecting some versions of antivirus software" at the following URL , It did not apply.

Could you tell us about why KB 4056895 is not listed under Windows Update?

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Same Problem on 3/4 ckecked customer sites.
All deploying with WSUS. Worked fine till 12-2017. Will find and deploy todays ms-anti-malware.

No Virusscanner installed- Lots of free space on WSUS. KBs were downloaded by akk wsus Installations, but are not deployed. Same with direkt Online Updates.

Works fine in 1 Enviroment for 2018-01 and 2018-02.

So at the moment just 75% do not work after a quickcheck.