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We originally had an Office 365 subscription for our users under tenant 'A'.  Now we also have an Azure AD under tenant 'B'.  Is if possible to move the Office 365 from tenant 'A' to tenant 'B' and therefore benefit from the AD without needing to purchase additional AD on tenant 'A'.

I have spent many hours trying to find a way but so far have not.

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You can carry out a tenant to tenant migration to copy mail and documents from tenant A to tenant B.  You will most likely require a third party tool to achieve this however.  There are a number available such as BitTitan MigrationWiz.


Tenant to tenant migrations require careful planning however, and you need to expect some downtime during the cutover period, so plan to do the cutover out of hours.

@davidb4350 Hi David


As mentioned by Peter, a tool such as MigrationWiz by Bit Titan is a popular tool that offers tenant to tenant O365 migrations. Microsoft don't currently offer this service.


I put together a list of stuff to keep in mind when completing a tenant to tenant migration which may be of interest to you.




Tenant to Tenant O365 migration - Things to keep in mind


Tenant to Tenant O365 migrations


Hope this helps