IT Pro Cloud Essentials – New Azure Offer


A new Azure offer has been launched on IT Pro Cloud Essentials, providing $25 per month of Azure credits for 12 months, a $300 value.


IT Pro Cloud Essentials offers IT Implementers hands-on experience to increase their knowledge and create a path to career advancement. Joining is free and includes training opportunities and access to experts.

Other benefits include:
• Enterprise Mobility Suite 90-day trial
• Office 365 60-day trial
• Pluralsight 3 month subscription
• Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) voucher
• Priority support in the TechNet forums
• Phone support incident


Sign up for IT Pro Cloud Essentials at:

7 Replies
This is really awesome! Microsoft is investing a lot and helping us getting on board the Azure Platform!

This is a great offer, just intime for that Azure Exam !

Indeed, it is great offer from Microsoft. But why I cannot use credit card that I have once used with Azure? I mean in case if I exceed this offer limits, Microsoft will be charging me anyway, right? That is why they ask for valid credit card. 

Yes, if you exceed the month limit they will charge you. Also the CC is for identity validation as well.

Yes, that I understand. 

My question is why we can't use CC twice? 

For example, if I want to activate this offer, I will need to provide my CC details. And since I already used my CC to activate other offers, now I cannot use the same CC. I have only one CC. So there is no way for me to activate this offer. 

I see...
I suggest you to go to your Azure Portal, and in the left lower section of the menu (Help + Support), open a new ticket asking for support for your problem. Its free and no one better than the Azure support technicians for helping you

Hi Mark,


Upon accessing this offer, it has changed to $200 and 1 month. Also, I cannot find access to office. As a college instrutor hoping to teach Azure as a 3cr-15 week course, this is a non-starter and will cause me to use Amazon AWS instead as they provide 1yr of access for free over a greater scope of free options. Please advise how to access the previous offer you described, or when Microsoft is going to deliver a educational option that is not limited to 1 month.




Michael Bender