Issues signing in with Azure Site Recovery Tool

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I am setting up ASR for an OnPrem VMWare setup. I have the OVF template imported and running, a VPN connection to our Azure instance, along with Internet access. The setup wizard validates the Internet connection and prompts for credentials. I enter the same creds I used to the create the vault, and it thinks for a while then prompts for my password again using our AD validation page. If I enter my password and hit enter, it immediately clears the screen and acts like it wants the password again. I have tried no password, and it figures that out. Also, an invalid password produces and error message. A valid password just causes the whole process to repeat.


Any help with this issue would be appreciated. In a thought we could avoid this second prompting, we did join the VM to our domain and reboot. This did not effect this problem and we have the same behavior.



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