Is there a way to have a free access to Azure DevOps for teaching purposes (more than 5 students)?

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I am going to teach students (in engineering school) a course about DevOps practices. I want to make them work with Azure DevOps, learn Azure pipelines, and everything. So I need a dedicated Azure DevOps organization where I can invite all the students (they should be less than 30). However, there are only 5 free basic seats on an organization and pipelines Microsoft Hosted agents are disabled by default. Is there a program for Azure DevOps for teaching purposes and how can I request access?

There is an "Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" program but as far as I know, it's for Azure only not for Azure DevOps.

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Hello @Alexandre Nedelec ,


in order to get free private/MS hosted agent, you need to send an email: 

  • To request your free grant, send an email to and provide the following details clearly:
    • Your name
    • Azure DevOps organization for which you are requesting the free grant
    • Whether you need the free grant for public projects, private projects, or both
    • Links to the repositories that you plan to build (public projects only)
    • Brief description of your project (public projects only)

I would ask on the same email if more access licenses can be obtained. When I teach at universities, I normally demo my solutions on a public project, and let them create their own organizations for labs/exercises (due to the 5 basic license limits).