Is it possible to PXE Boot a VM in Azure?


Is it possible to PXE Boot a VM in Azure? We have a group using an existing on-premises deployment system that uses PXE boot, but Azure doesn't (unless I haven't found them) have the ability to set the necessary DHCP configuration.


I'm aware that we should be using Azure images etc. but for the purposes of onboarding this group quickly (and then migrating to the Azure way later) is this even possible?



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@Chris Bradshaw 


Still no response since this was posted over a year ago.


Well I need to know if a Server hosted in Azure can support physical endpoint for pxe boot to deliver a custom Windows 10 image?

@Jam4Mad I didn't get anywhere with this, and my requirements went away, but in the interest of answering the question I'm pretty sure it's a "no".

Even if the Azure VM hardware was compatible it isn't possible to set the PXE server address in the Azure DCHP settings- looking under the hood in the SDK the only DHCP option presented is the DNS server:

@Chris Bradshaw 


Thanks for the response Chris, and what you have said support what little info I could find on the web.