Is it possible to build the DR site by exporting the current Production resources in a template?

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I`ve a production azure subscription and now we are planning to have a like to like DR Subscription.

Is it possible to export all the resources part of the Production Subscription and provision a DR Subscription?

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All services in Azure have their own Disaster Recovery mechanism. The most famous one is Azure Site Recovery for Virtual Machines in Azure. If you want to replicate Virtual Machines to another Azure region, that would be the way to go. 


Azure SQL Databases, the paas service, that doesn't require you to manage the SQL Server, has its' own mechanism to cope with regional outages. 


So the answer to your question requires a little more context to answer it completely. 


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Bert Wolters

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Thanks for your response.

We want to have a passive site that will be used only if the primary goes down for iaas services.

However, for few web applications the app servers will be acting as passive mode with real time data replication.

So not sure if ASR is still the right approach?