Is Github the long terms vision for source code?

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For customers having Microsoft Azure and using Azure repos as current source code repository, is it recommended to start using Github for new projects and developments?

Is it true that Github is long term vision of Microsoft? Thanks!




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Dear Kumud,

The usage of any git solution is a company choice, Azure DevOps is proposing by default his implementation of Git (or TFSVC if you want to), but can also connect GitHub (using the project GitHub connection), so that is totally opened from DevOps point of view.

So if your comoany started with GitHub free, and signed a contract for GitHub enterprise, Azure DevOps will let you continue with, and you can decide later your strategy with github.
> AzDevOps Pipeline is also supporting GitHub in any case.

About overall strategy for GitHub, that is now another topic, but company is continuing his own life.
Thanks. If someone from Microsoft can comment on long term vision, will help.

This is something I think about as well. Most of all the learning paths for repos and deployments show using GitHub, so it does look like there is a future path for this.

However, at the moment I would say do what is best for your company. If they do change from Azure DevOps to GitHub they will include an ability to migrate. I suspect it would move from Azure DevOps to GitHub instead of the other way round so that might sway your choice.