Is Azure pricing granular?

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My client has a Citrix XenApp server in Azure on PAYG. I'd like to restore the VM to another VM to test the process works plus do some short term testing, e.g. couple of days.


I've searched high and low for how my client would be charged for this and come up with nothing. It comes down to how granular Azure pricing is - would they be charged a full month (very expensive for a quick test) or just for the days the test VM exists? (much more attractive).

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for Azure VM you have the payment model Pay-as-you-Go which mean, you only pay for the usage.
I case of an Azure VM you have different components:
1.) The Azure VM size. You pay per running hour
2.) The storage or Disk account. You pay per Gigabyte and (for a storage account) per transactions
3.) For network perspective you pay for outbound traffic
4.) If you bind a public IP, you also pay for the IP

If you want more information open the azure pricing calculator.

Thanks for that. So effectively what you're saying that it is granular down to usage per hour that the VM is up and running plus any other resources used in that period.

the VM resource is payed per hour.
So if you shutdown the VM (important from the Azure Portal) you don’t pay for the VM resource but you have to pay for the storage account an the public IP.

Take a look to the pricing calculator, I guess it’s easy to find out.

We'll soon find out as I've got permission to restore the XenApp VM to a new VM to test the restore process works. With a single XenApp server in my client's environment, I'm treading very carefully here.