IPSec Azure AD

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Hi.  Really need help on this one as I am new to Azure.


We are setting up an IPSec tunnel from our router to our new billing vendor for SSO.  The router we have is not compatible with their setup... They refuse to modify anything and they do not have access to SSO registration for Azure SSO.  It is on us now to figure out a solution.


We have a connection from on prem to Azure AD for syncing.  I see the virtual network, etc. but I am not aware if I can just add a new connection that can route to the new vendor.  I am getting errors that the connection is already being used when I am setting it up.  Can I latch onto that connection or do I need to setup something completely new?  Do I need to create a connection from Azure to on prem AND to the vendor?  Or can I just have a connection from Azure to the vendor for access to Azure AD?  Thanks

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