IoT Hub to Azure Blockchain integration

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I am following below document to simulate the IoT to Azure blockchain workbench


The IoT message can send to the logicApp but it stuck in the store procedure and it display below error


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it works when I put the device name instead of GUID() 



But in the next setup when I copy and paste the JSON Code, it trigger below errors



Here is the Error Message
"message": "Invalid type. Expected Object but got Array.",
"lineNumber": 0,
"linePosition": 0,
"path": "",
"schemaId": "#",
"errorType": "type",
"childErrors": []

For the IoT sample, you need to update the database first. Specifically, modify the ExternalID in the database for the User you set up for the device, changing the ExternalID value to the identifier sent from IoT Hub for the device.


You then put this in the stored procedure and you should see the values that you would expect.