Introduction to the microsoft/azureiotedge-modbus-tcp IoTEdge Module


The newest version of the Azure IoTEdge solution is a very promising platform. The combination of remote provisioning the modules, the power of twin configuration and the new routing is interesting. But the learning curve is pretty steep.


The first version was based on programming an application. The new version is based on docker images, each being a separate application, which has to be stored in the container registry of your choice (like Docker Hub or your own container registry in Azure.


So once you have learned how to build and deploy your own modules, you can check out the modules Microsoft already supplies.


One of these modules is a Modbus module. It's available at the Docker Hub of Microsoft. Modbus is a great protocol for highspeed communication over TCP and I have already blogged about it, using the previous IoTEdge SDK version.


Let's check out how we get some telemetry from it.


Read the full article here


Modbus Module Module TwinModbus Module Module Twin


Modbus telemetry arriving at the IotHubModbus telemetry arriving at the IotHub


Deploying the Microsoft Modbus moduleDeploying the Microsoft Modbus module


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