Introduction to the IoT Edge SDK, part 4: using routing


We have already made great progress understanding and using the Azure Gateway SDK.

What do we have right now? We can send telemetry data from multiple ‘offline’ devices and accept commands from the IoT Hub.


The data we send is well-formatted JSON so we are good to go.


But I am a bit worried. While reading all documentation regarding the transformation from Azure Gateway SDK towards the IoT Edge SDK, it is clear that multiple types of messages are sent to the IoT Hub. For example, I can imagine that a Stream Analytics module generates other data.


And let’s look at a more ‘close to earth’ example. The gateway itself is a potential device too! But I do not want to mix data coming from the gateway and from sensor devices.


Of course, we recently got the ability to route messages using the message sent. But what about using the properties? This keeps the message content clean.


Will this be working?


Read the full article here



Creating a route in the Azure IoT Hub 



Routed messages are arriving at the Event Hub 



Messages from the Event Hub arrive at Azure Functions, including the device name


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