Introduction to the IoT Edge SDK, part 2


Running logic on the Edge is not that hard, as we have seen in my previous blog. You have been introduced to modules, the gateway configuration and the broker/runtime.


But these were just two modules. Now it’s time to put some data into the Azure IoT Hub.


If we look at the modules provided by Microsoft, we can do the job already. What we need are the following, already available modules:

  1. simulated_device.dll, to generate simulated data
  2. identity_map.dll, it holds a list of device names and private key combinations so the data of devices can be sent securely to the IoT Hub
  3. iothub.dll, to make contact with the IoT Hub and pass data in name of devices

Yes, there are some limitations to these modules but for now, it’s good enough. Let get started.


The full article is available here



Configure a device in your IoT Hub




See device data been sent by the gateway




See the arrival of data in the IoT Hub


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