Introducing query replica scale-out for Azure Analysis Services

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Today at the SQL PASS Summit, Microsoft announced the scale out feature for Azure Analysis Services. With scale-out, client queries can be distributed among multiple query replicas in a query pool, reducing response times during high query workloads. You can also separate processing from the query pool, ensuring client queries are not adversely affected by processing operations. With Azure Analysis Services, we have made setting up scale-out as easy as possible. Scale-out can be configured in Azure portal, PowerShell (coming soon), or by using the Analysis Services REST API.


In a typical server deployment, one server serves as both processing server and query server. If the number of client queries against models on your server exceeds the Query Processing Units (QPU) for your server's plan, or model processing occurs at the same time as high query workloads, performance can decrease.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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