Introducing Dev Spaces for AKS

Community Manager

Today I’m excited to announce the public preview of Dev Spaces for Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), an easy way to build and debug applications for Kubernetes – only available on Azure. At Microsoft Build, Scott Hanselman showed how you could use Dev Spaces to quickly debug and fix a single application inside a complex microservices environment. In case you missed the event or were distracted by the on-stage theatrics, it’s worth reviewing why Dev Spaces is such a unique product.


Imagine you are a new employee trying to fix a bug in a complex microservices application consisting of dozens of components, each with their own configuration and backing services. To get started, you must configure your local development environment so that it can mimic production including setting up your IDE, building tool chain, containerized service dependencies, a local Kubernetes environment, mocks for backing services, and more. With all the time involved setting up your development environment, fixing that first bug could take days.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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