Increase the azure app service load balancer timeout



    I have hosted app service api app which runs for more than 230 seconds for a given request. As app service load balancer timesout at 230 seconds, I am getting 500 http response code. I would like to increase the time out, so that I do get valid response.


I have checked powershell scripts like below. They are not working and would like to know if there are any other powershell commands for ARM mode or REST api or CLI available to achieve this.


Set-AzureLoadBalancedEndpoint -ServiceName "service" -LBSetName "lbset" -Protocol tcp -LocalPort 80 -ProbeProtocolTCP -ProbePort 8080 -IdleTimeoutInMinutes 30


Note: Regarding the design, I have already finalized on "callback" and/or "pollling" approach. Yet I need to increase the timeout to collect some metrics for POC purpose. 



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Is the command to change the idle time out failing? if so what error message?

I am assuming that the command was accepted but you are still having the time out issues. the value you are trying to change had a default of 4 minuttes, so it should not be necassery to change for your 230 second delay.


I believe you would still experience this issue if you communicated directly with the Web App, and that you are hitting time out values in you application, have you had a look at your logs ?