I want to use Azure for a DR solution. Is there a How-to?

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Small company, 30 users.  1 file/print/DC server. 2.5Gb total storage, about 1.7 used.  I want to set up a DR solution using Azure but it is a little unclear on how to do it from the dashboard.  Also unclear as to cost.   I'm looking to have something available to users as quickly as possible in the event the server has a total failure or the building burns down.  Got maybe 10 remote (VPN) users.


Anyway, we are pay-as-you-go, so no support.  Is there a document out there that would give me a how to on setting this up?





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you will find the links to the different deployment scenarios here.



Princing is here:



Have a look at them and dont hasitate to come back with follow up questions.




Thank you.  Unfortunately, all the video's and websites refer to failing over a VM to Azure, not a physical server.  I can't seem to find any reference to that other than the mention that they do physical servers.

Sry did not realize it was a physical machine.

Please note that there is no built-in method to return to the physical machine once a fail over has occurred.


MS answer from faq:Note that physical servers will run as VMs in Azure if your on-premises server goes down. Failback to an on-premises physical server isn't currently supported. For a machine protected as physical, you can only failback to a virtual machine