I want to change GRS to LRS in the back up solution. But I can not.

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I want to change GRS to LRS in the back up solution. But I can not. I have the data I have in it. How can I switch to GRS den LRS.

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This is currently not possible, i had the same issue.

As you allready have recovery data, you need to create a new Recovery Services vault and select LRS prior to adding any recovery targets.

you can then let the current recovery service run its course.


just remeber when you remove the target from you current account, not to select delete recovery data.

First of all, thank you for your answer. I must do this, I will create a new recovery service and I will do it as LRS. Then I will delete the old one, right?

If you dont want to keep your current recovery data then yes you can just delete the recovery service you are currently using, then recreate it with the same name as LRS


you may need to wait 15-30 min before you can reuse the service name.

I created a new one. Now I run backup. But I can not delete the old one. How can I make him passive on the portal?

in order to delete the old one, all recovery sources need to be removed.


if you are confortable with powershell here are some useful commands



You have a final question. How I can change the location of the recovery service I recently opened. I accidentally chose North Africa. I want to change to Europe.

Ouch, to my knowledge that is not possible either.

You can change the subscription or resource group, but the location of the resource it self would remain the same.

you should consider using Policies to avoid that in the future

You have to change the replication type prior to adding any resources.


So create the recovery services.

then going to backup infrastructure and change it to LRS.


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This option has been removed from the Portal.

I haven't been able to find a way to change this any longer even with a brand new vault and the Backup Documentation hasn't been updated yet. The calculator still reflects the ability to use LRS for backup storage, but unsure if this is even possible any longer.

I had the same issue, Create a new Recovery Vault, Go into the recovery vault you created, go to properties and then select under Backup Configuration for " Update " now you can select a different type of replication type. Good luck