I cant to upload files to a new ubuntu server trough sftp. cant write outside a user home folder

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Recently i got acces to a new ubuntu server. On azure. But I cant upload/write files outside a user home folder. Ive logd in trough. Sftp with the root user and a normal. Acount.. Both of whice i have testen. Have the same problem. I Have not configure anything yet aside from setting up. A. Lnmp server and opening the necasary port for ssh. So i dont get why I only can log in and aply/upload into the home folder. I'm used to being able to upload wattever Needed on a new linux server. . Trough the ssh/sftp with a cliënt.. . I usely use sftp trough the ssh. I dont want to set up ftp service if not needed. Can some body please. Help me point out wat i need to do to get ssh sftp file acces working . Sincerly so body who's in need of help
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