I cannot connect to Virtual Desktop. i get an error that no resources available to connect to

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Thank you for taking a look at my issue. I am new to Azure and we are trying a proof of concept for a deployment using Virtual Desktop. 

I have been following the guide here and I have had a few stumbling points along the way. 

Currently I have everything seemingly in place. The active directory server is up and working. The Virtual Desktop test machine was deployed. I can RDP into the domain controller and then RDP into the Windows 10 machine so I know the VM was created and running. I cannot use the web interface to get a session. I can log into the web interface and see an icon to start a session but when it tries to open up I get a message stating " We couldn't connect because there are currently no available resources. Try again later or if this keeps happening, ask your admin or tech support for help"

As mentioned before, I am new to Azure and I am stumbling through this but I have hit a point where troubleshooting is circular and not getting me anywhere.

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here are some screen shots



While I have not come across the error you described, I observed that quite a few other have reported similar issues. Please look through similar issues and suggested resolutions below:






If all else fails and you need to get this going, you can consider TruGrid SecureRDP to connect to your WVD sessions.





@LouieArbs Did you Assign the App Group to the account you are trying to use? Sounds like there is no app group assigned and that's why you are getting now resource error. 

Also When you RDP to the WVD VM check to see if you are in the remote desktop users group.

@LouieArbs  has anyone fixed his?? i have the same issues even swapped my tower an still the same

@kf9156 Search your WVD name > Left column, find reset password under Support + troubleshooting > Select Reset configuration only > Update.



It looks like you are using VDI inside of an Azure tenant with Azure Active Directory Service enabled (Azure ADDS - domain controller role in Azure) to resolve authentication requests. Because ADDS has been implemented, just before that you must reset the password of the account (this is mandatory, you wont be able to continue if you dont change password) you are trying to use and then try to login again using Remote Desktop official updated Microsoft app (for Mac/Windows). Also make sure that the Azure File Share and the Storage Account of FSLogix technology (where the user profile in .VHDX format is written) is accesible, existent, and has read and write Storage permissions for the account that you are trying to use in VDI. 


You may have missed deploying a Workspace on the Session Host DAG