HOWTO register in ADO a CallBack, that triggers a Python function when a work items has been updated

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Hi folks,

I wrote a simple Python script to create programmatically Azure DevOps works items.

I spent not too much time until that worked.

But now I need a second task to full fill. I need to react programmatically to Azure DevOps events.
Even in the English Wiki page it is mentioned, that this is possible:

Azure DevOps Server - Wikipedia[^]
Quoting Wiki: >>>>> ... Another extensible mechanism is subscribing to system alerts: for example, alerts that a work item was changed, ... <<<<

In MSDN I found these articles:
Service hook consumers - Azure DevOps | Microsoft Learn[^]
Service hooks events - Azure DevOps | Microsoft Learn[^]

Since I am a little bit in hurry, and since I wonder, whether even a Python script on my Computer can contain such a call back function, which will be call in case of "work item has been modified"... I would appreciate any help....

Meaning: Helpful links, sample code and also the basic answer whether even such a Python script on my local computer can contain such a call back ?

May be it must be a server site script ?

Any quick, good and helpful hints are really warmly welcome... many THX in advance 



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