How to write kusto query to display resource type like in Azure

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When I go to the Azure portal to display the resources in the resource group, the list of types would look like: 


Azure resources.JPG

I ran the following Kusto query in the Azure Resource Graph Explorer to obtain the resources in the subscription:

| join kind=inner (
    | where type == 'microsoft.resources/subscriptions'
) on $left.subscriptionId == $right.subscriptionId
| project id, name, type, location, resourceGroup, name1
| where resourceGroup == 'wp-production-dynamicsnavaddons'
| order by name asc

The results will display the type as (these were exported into a CSV file):

Azure resources from kusto.JPG


I can assume that the value of "microsoft.web/sites" from Kusto is "App Service" in the portal. But we have a lot of resources in Azure and I don't want to match them 1 by 1. I was wondering is there a way in Kusto Query to display the Type like what's in the portal? (display "App Service" instead of "microsoft.web/sites").




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