How to take Backup and Restore of Azure AD Default Directory

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Is there any possible solutions is available for to take Backup and Restore of Azure AD Default Directory?


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Hello Raja, Could you explain a bit about what you are trying to achieve here?

Hello Richard,


As per Disaster recovery (DR) Plan, I was looking for to take Backup and restore of Azure AD. Remaining all the azure services we are able to backup and restore.  



This is third Party Backup tool is available for Azure AD and Office 365 “Azure Active Directory Recovery SaaS Solution - Quest Software” Free Trail is available 7 days and also cost factor is involved.


I was looking for Microsoft own Tool or service and Powershell scripts.. etc.. 

I do not know of any Microsoft ways to do this apart from having domain controllers and use AD connect to sync to Azure. You can then backup your domain controllers using Azure Backup.