How to structure product development work items

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we are currently starting to develop a product, that consists of hardware and software development. All parts are closely interconnected with each other.


I have to capture the customer requirements, create a design and architecture. Then implement it, test it, document it and so on.


There may come additional requirements in the future, but these will be only minor changes. All in all it is very clear at this point.


Now I have created a new azure devops project with the CMMI template.


  • Is CMMI a good template or should I use a different one?
  • In my understanding I only create one epic, where everything I create will be linked to.
  • My customer requirement will be created as features.
  • My own requirements will be created as requirement work item types.
  • Where do I add the design and architecture work results? Do I have to create a new custom work item type that gets linked to my own requirements?

I hope someone can point me in the right direction and I will not start with a completely wrong project structure. Thank you very much.


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