How to specify a tag when running release pipeline?

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As in GitHub, I'd like to create a new Release in Azure DevOps and run the pipeline manually specifying a tag in the Azure Repo (Eg. 1.0.0), so it will start using the tag specified. Is it possible? 


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@sorrentinov Yes this is possible, you just have to create the pipeline in azure devops and when you click on 'run' button, you will find a dropbox 'Branch/tag' on the top right corner. From this select the tag and then you can get the all available tags of this repository. see the picture below.





Thanks @intikhabkhan, I see that I can choose branch/tag on Build pipeline, but is this also possible on release pipeline? I would create a Release that create a package and distribute it on Marketplace in its job but I haven't the possibility to choose tag






solution : 

In the release pipline in ' build branch' put : refs/tags/uat.* or refs/tags/uat* depends on your tags.