How to share local folder if Win 10 PC is joind to AADDS?

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Hey, hello and good day. Since weeks I try to bring a local Non Profit Organization (NPO) to the Azure AD and AD DS. I can join Win10 PC but if I try to create a local file share, I can't choose Groups create in Azure Cloud AD. Is there any tutorial available or did anyone ever solve this issue?


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Under ADDS, there should be a setting for: Synchronisation, is EVERYTHING selected to Sync or just certain groups?, it may be restricted.

The sync every one hours @Luke Murray 

first one i add device as autopilot it ad as Azure ad Join 

then after  online join domain it going to hybrid azure join 


Deployment profile is AutoPilot is Azure Hybrid Join

You won't be able to select groups on the Azure AD joined devices, but should be able to select them on the Hybrid joined device, as long as they are a member of the ADDS domain.
Okey in azure how can i clean the record for AD
COZ it coming by default with autopilot
Not entirely sure, can you just select it in the Portal and Delete it (on a test device)?

i cannot delete beasuse  it register with  autopilot device so i need to remove the autopilot then  delete UNSELECTED.png@Luke Murray 


please check the attachment