How to save on spendings?

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I have a short question. In my Azure account I have a lot of Ressources running that I think I never really asked for to have. Basically there should be 2 virtual machines be running - but nothing else. Now I'm not sure which other Resoursses that are displayed in my list (see attachement) are really necessary for the virtual machines to run and which are needless to have and just cost extra money?


Especially for example the Recovery-Service Tresors I would like to know if they are necessary?


In general I'm trying to find ways how to save on spendings.


Thank you very much for your help.




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@Kelly Anderson, it seems to me that Sven has a good setup with his recovery services to ensure data security, correct? I think your Microsoft Mechanics show explains well the benefits of using disaster recovery, but feel free to elaborate further :)