how to rename a custom field

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I have created an inherited process. I have created a custom field in the Epic work item type.

I would now like to change the name of this custom field (not just the label).

I tried using the witadmin changefield command but it says I don't have the right permissions to the projects that use the inherited process. But I do, I am in the Project Collection Administrators group for the organisation.

How do I make the witadmin changefield command know that I have the right permissions or should I use a different tool?

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Myself I don't think it's possible to change key characteristics of Custom Fields once they've been created.

Whenever I've needed to change a Customer Field I've had to go through a process of creating a new equivalent, migrating the old field data over to the new, and then removing the old custom field. A real pain, but necessary to maintain the integrity of the db/app.

@Ian_Donaldson Thanks Ian, that is what i did except i don't know how to delete custom fields.  Bit of a pain.



it seems we can not edit a created customer field, you can try to delete one filed under all processes --> Fields, then create a new one. But the problem is, it will influence the previous items which contains this field.