How to remove "App Service Environment v1" from azure?

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I have VS enterprise subscription where I get $150 every month to learn enough on Azure. I tried out "App Service Environment V1" which disabled my subscription. I have deleted these application service plan but still my account is disabled. Not sure how I can enable my account. Following message I see on my subscription:


Your subscription has been disabled as it has no credit remaining. Remove the spending limit.


Does anyone have any idea?

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Hey Amit,

Eliminating the culprit won't fix the situation in a short-term perspective. Obviously this App Service has drained all the available credit from your subscription and now you just need to wait until it renewed. To undestand how long to wait, you can click on 'Subscriptions' blade and view billing period for your subscription. Another option to fix the situation is to pay for the services used (only if this is really critical). And finally, along with Enterprise subscription you can spin-up a 'Developer's program benefit' (on which would give you $25 (if memory serves me well) for Azure expenses. It would be better then nothing at all.

Thanks Alex, I will wait until it gets renewed. There is no hurry as I am in learning phase. I woudn't know that service would drain all my credit, however, it has been a good learning for me. Thanks for your support.