How to make a database release to target SQL Server instead of Azure SQL Database

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Sorry if I do not explain myself correctly, I am pretty much a beginner on DevOps topics.

I tried to create a database release an ended of with the following error message:




The release is intended for a SQL Server instance on a QA environment.

When I double click on the image above I get the following errors:




On the database we are using SQL Server FileStream feature but that feature is not supported on Azure SQL Database. It seems when deployed the dacpac is targeting Azure SQL instead of SQL Server 2019. How I can change this behavior.


When we use vs2017-win2016 as Specification Agent on the pipeline the deployment is successful but this specification is deprecated and should be retired by March 2022. If we use windows-2019, windows-2022, or windows-latest the errors shown on the image above immediately appear.

Please guide me how can I fix this issue.





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