How to Get ADLS Gen1 Instance Size Using any Script

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Hi Team,


I want to fetch ADLS Gen1 Instance size using any API or script, Can you please suggest if any meta data resides about Instance size.


I know How to get folders size and add sum gives ADLS Instance size currently this what I am doing but calculating each folder is taking around 10 hrs because my ADLS instance size bit bigger and too many nested folders.


Is there anyway we can calculate ADLS Gen1 instance size not with calculating subfolders and all ? I mean is there any meta data available ?


I am using below Powershell script but it is not optimal.


$rootdir = '/'

$adlsactname = "**********"

Get-AzDataLakeStoreChildItemSummary -Account $adlsactname -Path $rootdir -Concurrency 128


Azure portal providing ADLS Instance size on daily basis so we can get this info export using any metadata or script or API ?






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Anyone can please check and update ?