How to execute powershell script from devops pipeline on D365 cloud hosted environment

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I'm dynamics 365 F&SCM developer.

We are using Azure cloud hosted environemnts as a Dev machines.

My goal is to be able to run some powershell scripts on one of those machines.

To test, I have added simple PS1 file (stop / start some services) to the version control, under my branch in devops.

The real Powershell script will be managing some SQL DB related stuff, like creating backups, restore some bak file, renaming DB, etc..

I have created new pipeline and I can see there are few options to run the powershell scripts from pipeline steps.

Which one would work for me?

How can I edit the pipeline, so I'm sure the script will be executed against my dev machine?

I could not find any good enough post to use as guide.

Any help would be appreciated



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