How to do a App Selective Wipe of a Mac computer. Intune App Protection policy.

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Is it possible to do an App Selective Wipe of an unmanaged Mac computer device? I know how to do it on an Android and iOS devices using App Protection Policies, but I need to test it on a Mac computer. The Mac computer is a personal device (BYOD) so I do not want to manage it using Intune. Maybe there is another way to do a App Selective Wipe of a Mac computer instead of using a App Protection policy.


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I don't believe it's possible when the MacOS device is not managed by Intune. App Protection Policies can only apply to mobile OS (iOS and Android).

Hi Sonia,


Do you know if there is a reason why App Selective Wipe doesn't support Mac computers, or if Microsoft is planning to support Mac computers?



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I believe it's because of the differences in the architecture between mobile and non-mobile operating systems. App protection policies don't run on unmanaged Windows devices either. Devices managed via Intune (mobile, MacOS or Windows) can remove company data: