How to Connect Existing gateway in On Premises SQL Linked Service - DataFactory V2

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We are creating linked service for onpremises SQL Server in DataFactory V2. We have common gateway called "SQLServerGateway"(Self-Hosted) which are referring to multiple pipelines in Datafactory v1 which is running well on scheduled basis. But when we use same gateway with the below code to create linked service in advanced version and received the below error. 

Can you help me on how to connect existing gateway in DataFactory V2 with the below coding.


"name": "SQLConn_NAME",
"properties": {
"type": "SqlServer",
"typeProperties": {
"connectionString": {
"type": "SecureString",
"value": "Data Source=XXXX;Initial Catalog=XXXX;Integrated Security=False;user id=XXXX;password=XXXX;"
"connectVia": {
"referenceName": "SQLServerGateway",
"type": "SelfHostedIntegrationRuntime"


Error : The path variable 'INTEGRATIONRUNTIMENAME' in the UriTemplate must be bound to a non-empty string value. Parameter name: parameters. Activity ID:85fc4f76-48bd-4859-a1f8-c11896cb9aaf

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