how to collect logs from AWS Linux machine in log analytic workspace

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is it possible to collect all machine logs using old log analytics agent from AWS linux machine ?

getting those below but doesn't seem i m getting all 



getting below message in those 5 syslog that i recived in last 24 hours.

cannot connect to xx.xx.xx.xx:514: Connection timed out [v8.2001.0 try ]

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Hi @Victor1989,

To collect logs from an AWS Linux machine in a Log Analytics workspace, you can use the Log Analytics agent:

1. Prepare the Log Analytics workspace:
- Create a Log Analytics workspace in Azure. Remember to note down the Workspace ID and Primary Key.

2. Install the Log Analytics agent on your AWS Linux machine:

- Connect to your AWS Linux machine via SSH.

- Download the Log Analytics agent package using the following command:

wget -O InstallDependencyAgent-Linux64.bin

Make the package executable:

chmod +x InstallDependencyAgent-Linux64.bin

- Run the installer:

sudo ./InstallDependencyAgent-Linux64.bin -s -w <WorkspaceID> -k <PrimaryKey>

- Replace <WorkspaceID> and <PrimaryKey> with the values from your Log Analytics workspace.

3. Configure log collection:
- Once the agent is installed, it will automatically start collecting basic logs such as syslog and performance metrics.
- If you want to collect additional logs, you can configure specific log sources or directories to be monitored by the agent.

4. Verify log collection:
- To check if logs are being collected, you can go to the Azure portal.
- Access your Log Analytics workspace and navigate to the Logs section.
- Use the query interface to run a query and verify if logs from your AWS Linux machine are present

It's important to ensure that the necessary network connectivity and firewall rules are correctly configured between your AWS Linux machine and the syslog server. 

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