How to Backup On Premise Linux VM in Hyper V to Azure

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I have a Linux VM in a Hyper V and need to backup the VM to the Azure Backup. Need to know how i can backup the VM to Azure Cloud. Kindly suggest.

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HI @Raeesk1995,


I'm afraid that support for on-premises Linux VM is limited. The only option based on this article is to deploy a MABS Server in your environment (with Microsoft Azure Recovery Services agent is installed) and install a MABS protection agent on your Linux servers.


You will effectively be running two-stage backup:

  • D2D (disk to disk) - from Linux VMs to MABS server
  • D2C (disk to cloud) - MABS server will be backing up to Azure Recovery Services Vault

Note: if you happen to have a DPM (System Center Data Protection Manager) in your environment, you can reuse it too.


You can learn about MABS here: Architecture Overview - Azure Backup | Microsoft Docs

Thanks @David Pazdera 


Can you please share the steps to perform to backup the On Premise Linux VM to Azure if you have any.