How does one enter an Azure Support request?

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I started out with a question this morning and entered it at Office365.

The tech told me I had to enter a support ticket in Azure.

I go to Azure and select the only option available to me, Microsoft Intune.


The assigned tech says I can't help you, you have to submit an Azure ticket. As you can see by the above there is no Azure option.

Where do I go to submit an Azure ticket?



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The Intune tech replies back to my message to him (included the same screen shot) with the same instructions as he told me before. Obviously he didn't look at the screen shot at all that I provided.


Frustration is putting it mildly!


The Intune Tech now tells me to go back to Admin Center in Office 365 and enter a ticket which is where I started this morning.

I give up and can't waste anymore time.

Monday morning I'll be proceeding with a Federation change for my tenant without getting my questions answered.

If I was to give a score on 1 to 10 for the support I received today, it would be a 0.

Hi Cary,


Do you have access to the Azure Portal? You can submit your support request there:





The Azure support option sounded like a red herring to me and perhaps a misunderstanding but it's difficult to say without knowing what you were trying to get help with.  You did mention Federation, so was that AD-FS related or something similar? Anything like that should be dealt with by Office 365 support no problem. 


Azure technical support requires a paid plan anyway (and might be why you didn't have many options), though it gets a bit complicated with EMS that can be split across the two support portals.  When we asked for MFA help on the O365 portal we got told to log it on the Azure portal instead as one example.


Anyway, good luck with the configuration change on Monday and hopefully you get better support the next time you have to log something.


I got the same option as above, only Intune.

I was relying on Tech Support to direct me to the right location.

First tech as Office365 said they could not help me and go to Azure and enter a ticket, which I did.

The Azure tech said he couldn't help me and go to Office365 to get help.

I'm doing the federation change in 10 minutes so it is too late for getting my questions answered before I proceed.