How do we connect a front end application to the application deployed on Azure Blockchain workbench?

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I am trying to build a frontend application for my application deployed on Azure blockchain workbench, I am wondering how do we connect the frontend with the workbench because the REST APIS provided by the workbench are pretty generic. Please advise.

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As a (temporary) alternative to the (IMO incomplete) REST api, you might consider using an ORM such as EF or Dapper (read only!) to query the SQL tables deployed by ABW. The structure is fairly easy to understand, and there are foreign keys between the tables which will define navigation. Note that you aren't reading the Ethereum blockchain directly in SQL, you are just reading the abstraction layer and `index` that ABW builds on top of Ethereum.

The entire frontend of the Workbench Web client is built using the Workbench API. If you want to understand how we construct the pages you can take a look at the network calls when navigating the various pages. You can also extend and create your own APIs based on the data within the database.