How do I turn off Active Directory synchronization on a destroyed 2102 server? Then it will allow me

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I have throughly searched the web and Microsoft site and forums however I cannot find a clear or concise answer.  The only direction I did receive from another forum operator suggested this forum for help using Azure AD.

I have had the 2012 server connect to onsite AD synch and it was working great.  Nice tool and option.  However my server 2012 has been destroyed after it being in place for many, many years. My Office 365 domain is and has been with some sub domains So if you don't have the physical server anymore how can I make this complicatedly simple change online? I have looked through all of my office 365 admin settings and I found no way of completing this. I get there may be security verifications and since I am the actual owner of that Office 365 account (fullly Provable/Verification) and domain on GoDaddy I will do whatever to prove I own that main and all sub domains. Please help me complete this change.


If I  could just only access the server I would just log in and turn off sync tool....  sorry venting kinda frustrated, not at Microsoft.  I am frustrated at the situation I got into....  You all know this if you've been in IT for anytime. LOL


Thanks in advance for helping this struggling individual.  

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What kind of sync did you mention here? And the tools? AD Connect?

I was using the Active Directory sync tool on an on premise 2012 server. That server has been physically sectored so I am trying to just have o365 handle that from now on.